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Wilmer Hampton | Our Story

Portrait of Wilmer Hampton, Founder of Mission Ridge

William and Mary Hampton settled in the Squilchuck Valley in 1901.  William was pleased to raise his children in the Great Northwest.  Their son, Antone, shared in this dream and settled the current property in 1915. He built the white farm house, now The Hampton Homestead, and married Jesse Halvorson, a farmer’s daughter from the adjacent canyon.  Antone and Jesse raised six children together while farming.  The family developed a love for sledding and skiing.  In the mid 1940’s the areas first rope tow was built on the sledding hill just behind the white farm house.  Of their children, Wilmer and Walt were the most dedicated skiers.  In 1943 Wilmer married Helen Malone and they made their home in a one room grain storage shed.  Over the years they dug a basement and added rooms to what is now the Hampton Hideaway vacation home.  In 1946 Antone and Wilmer built the dairy barn and continued the family’s farming legacy while growing fruit and raising cattle.

In the early 1960’s Wilmer, now a competitive and nationally recognized ski jumper, and his brother Walt began working on the establishment of the Mission Ridge ski area.  Wilmer passed on before seeing his dream come to fruition, but the family was honored to have the Mission Ridge ski lodge named after him.  Wilmer and Helen had four children.  Their son Greg and his wife JoAnn took responsibility for the family ranch when they returned in 1987 after serving in the Air Force.  Greg and JoAnn raised four children in the white farm house.  They built their hilltop home in 2007, opened the Hampton Hideaway Vacation Rental in 2011, and the Hampton Homestead Vacation Rental in 2015.

In 2012 their oldest child, Katie, and her husband Tim moved to Wenatchee and began renovating The Barn and incorporated Hampton Hideaway as a wedding and special event venue.

We look forward to writing the next chapter of our history with you and your family.