Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Hampton Hideaway.

When can we set up and decorate for our event?
You will have full access to the venue area starting at Noon either the day before or the day of your event until 11am the day following your event depending on which package you choose. With our two day packages, you will have the rental home at 4:00pm the day before your wedding until 11am the day following your event.

Are there any limits on decorations?
You may decorate however you like as long as no damage is done to the facility. We cannot have any open flames, including candles, on the property.

How many guest can you accommodate for an event?
The Hampton Hideaway can accommodate up to 150 guests per event.

Who is responsible for setup and teardown?
The staff at the Hampton Hideaway will provide initial set up and final take down of tables and chairs.

Who is responsible for garbage and cleanup?
You are responsible for making sure that all garbage is disposed of in the provided receptacles and that the venue is tidied up when you leave. Hampton Hideaway staff will empty garbages and deep clean venue after your event.

Are there limitations on who we can have caterer?
You may choose any licensed caterer that you want. All food must be prepared off-site.

Do you have an alcohol policy?
We allow beer, wine and champagne, but do not allow any hard alcohol. All alcoholic beverages must be served by a Washington State licensed server.

Do we need any permits?
The only permit that is needed is a banquet permit to serve alcohol. The caterer that you choose should have all the necessary banquet permits and then your bartender will need their Class 12 servers license.

Where does the wedding party get ready/change?
With our two day packages, the wedding party may use the Hampton Hideaway Rental Home, which is right on site, to change and get ready. We also have two changing rooms in the barn for bridal party to use with any of the packages.

Is there on site parking?
Yes, we have on site parking right across from the venue area.

Do you offer ADA parking/access?
Yes, we have ADA parking and access to the barn for your guests.

What time can our event start and when does it need to end by?
You may choose anytime to start your event once you have the venue at Noon. You have until 10pm on the day of your event to finish up all activities. You have until 11am the day following your event to be cleaned up and checked out.

Do you have a backup plan for inclement weather?
We can move your event inside of the barn during inclement weather or you may choose to rent a tent as a back up plan.

Is there any on site overnight accommodations?
We offer our Hampton Hideaway Vacation Rental Home with our two day wedding packages. The home is completely furnished, sleeps 9 people and is conveniently located right across from the barnyard for the wedding party or out of town guests. We also offer our Hampton Homestead vacation rental home which sleeps 6 to our guests for an additional rental fee.

Do you require a deposit?
To secure your wedding date, we do require a contract to be signed and a $1,000 non-refundable deposit paid by check. If needed you can pay be credit card for a small processing fee.

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations made more than 3 months prior to your event, will result in loss of the original deposit. Cancellations made within 3 months of your event will result in forfeiture of your entire site fee.

Are there any extra fees or hidden costs when booking a wedding at the Hampton Hideaway?
No, we do not have any extra fees or hidden costs. All of our package rates are listed on our website. We do charge applicable tax onto the rental home portion of the packages.

Do you allow candles or bonfires on the property?
We cannot allow any open flames on the property. This includes but is not limited to candles and bonfires.

Is smoking allowed?
The barn, barnyard, parking area and rental home are all nonsmoking areas, but we do offer a designated smoking area for your guests to use.

Can we take engagement and wedding photos on the property?
Yes, we invite you to come up and take engagement photos anytime by appointment. During your wedding rental you may take photos anytime.

Do you provide anything besides the venue?
Hampton Hideaway provides tables, chairs and parking for up to 150 guests. Two-day wedding packages also include the use of our vacation rental home for up to 9 guests.